Trip Staffer Program

As a UITAL Staffer, you are the face of the on site staff on UITAL Trips.  Your smile, high level of customer service, and willingness to please is what sets our trips apart.  Staffers are also responsible for trip promotion and should leverage social media, partnerships, and press to promote UITAL trips.


In order to be considered, you must have gone on an UITAL Experience or UITAL Trip.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

•          Actively participate in our Online Community

•          Complete monthly Lifestyle Training Curriculum

•          Attend Annual Staff Retreat

•          Actively engage with UITAL clients online prior to the trip

•          Arrive to UITAL trip destination one day prior to official trip start date 

•          Assist UITAL clientele with arrivals and departures for trips 

•          Assist UITAL clientele during trips as required

•          Take photographs and video footageof UITAL clientele for company branding and marketing purposes


Please send an email with your letter of interest to [email protected]  Your cover letter should include why you would be a great Staffer.